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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Most of the people are interested in capturing their every small and brightest moment and events of life in a camera frame. Some are interested in exploring the beauty of nature and the surroundings. Everybody wants to keep every bit of their life alive for forever. So, that by flipping and going through the old pictures and videos they could enjoy and live that moment again.

To make those pictures more lively and beautiful the photographers use to edit it with more lively colors and exposures digitally. But now, it’s not a big deal for common people to edit their pictures and snaps in a professional way, Especially in this digital era, everything is possible.

now, when it comes to finding a useful app we get easily confused because there are thousand of there claiming about their quality and perfection. I will let you know the 5 best photo editor apps which you might found useful.


Snapseed is a photo editing app comes with completely professional tools developed by Google. One can find ample amount of features and functions which a professional requires, It has 29 tools and filters including healing, brushes, structures, HDR and perspective.

you can edit both JPG and RAW DNG files and also can b exported to further types of files. Ones you have created your own editor you can reuse it again. All styles and control can be used precisely, minimal headache rests the work are done magically by Google algorithms.

snapseed logo
Snapseed App (image courtesy)


This is one of my favorite editing app, one can shoot and edit their images with its awesome mobile presets, film-inspired presets and advanced camera controls.

In this app, you can also find a community tab where you can check others creativity of editing photograph.also one can take a full membership with this app and can unlock other exclusive new film x preset tool and other tools. These apps can raise the standard of mobile photography editing.

VSCO App (image courtesy)

3.Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

As the name says it is developed by Adobe.Its an adobe photoshop app for mobile users and gives you a powerful and simple solution for capturing, editing and sharing your photos. For premium services, you can use paid version which provides you seamless access across all the platforms – mobile, desktop and web.

You can also capture the photos with the camera in DNG RAW format for more creative control. You can also use tools that range from the simple one-tap presents to powerful advance adjustments and corrections. You can also store your big albums by using Adobe Creative Cloud to back up your original photos, this feature is provided in the premium version of this app.

Adobe Photoshop CC (image courtesy)


Another best and easy to use editor is Pixler where not only you will get a beautiful filter but also quick fixes for your photographs which would add 5 stars to your photography. The feature of this editor are as follows:

1. Color Splash or you can say an impact of focal blur or color

2.Plenty amount of color overlay and filters

3.Beauty mode and makeup

4.Stylise your images with the pencil or airbrush effect

5.finishing up the photo editing process with the right border-pick a suit you.

Pixlr Logo
Pixlr App (image courtesy)


Hypercam is the ultimate App for black and white photography. Be in control of your shoot with their live view controls and feel the quality of black and white photography, capturing the essence.

With the built-in-news, you could be always updated with the latest news and the best selection of photos of black and white photography. You can post your unique photos to the most famous social network and tag hypocam to be part of the best black and white community.

Hypocam Logo
Hypocam Logo (image courtesy)

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