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Thursday, May 23, 2019

We all know there is no better companion than a dog for a human. Whatever your dog will receive from you he will repay you more than that and that is the reason they are most loved and close to human being. You love and treat them nice they will love you more than their capacity and will never betray you till their last breath.

There are more than a thousand of a variety of dogs available all across the whole world. All have their own specifications and quality. They are different compositions, different size, appearance and belong to a different habitat. According to all these varieties of features and specification, there are dogs which carry a huge price tag, although love any whether its stray dog or bred dog both will give you immense love throughout the life.

Now, I will provide you a list of top 5 expensive dog breed that comes with a huge price tag.


Samoyed is a really beautiful dog breed which proved as a companion of northwestern Siberia’s Samoyed people. Apart from this, they are very gentle, friendly and devoted in nature and are good to be kept as a family pet.

samoyed breed
Samoyed pup

This breed requires a heavy grooming expense as it has white fur or coat all across his body, which is needed to brush and cleaned on weekly basis. Apart from this as their fur is long there is a shedding season, in which their fur seemed to be shedding. It happens once or twice a year. The Samoyed’s are really friendly and they loved to play with little children a lot.

Their lifespan is about 12 to 14 years and further weigh form 50-60 pounds. In India, it cost around Rs.6,40,000.


Bulldogs are most preferably said to be lazy breeds. Well, it is said that this breed was used to drive cattle to the market.

Although they are very gentle and are good companions of mankind. They are fond of kids. As I mentioned earlier these Bulldogs will win the battle of a nap. Apart from this they are very sensitive towards hot and cold seasons they can neither bear too hotty climate nor can bear too cold climate. They can easily adapt to the apartment living well.

bulldog pupper
image by Pexel

It’s really funny to note that they are really greedy eaters and if you will continue to feed them, they will never leave you disappointed and will continue to eat. Also, due to their short snout, they are more liable to have respiratory ailments frequently.

they have a lifespan of 8 to 12 years and weigh around 40-50 pounds. In India, they start from Rs.107000 plus.


By looks, these dogs are really adorable and cute. They got teddy bear face and are very independent and aloof in nature. Chows should be socialized with everyone in the family straight from its puppyhood so that it won’t cause any harm later, as it’s not a much-socialized dog. Apart from all these, they are needed to be groomed on regular basis to their coat in good condition.

chow chow dog
image courtesy

They are suitable to be kept in apartments and flats as long as you can keep care of their daily exercise. They have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years and weigh up to 40-70 pound. It cost around Rs.65000 to lakhs.


Lowchen is a toy breed and a companion dog which loves to be in a company of people whom they love. They are so smart and gentle enough to please everyone around them.

Apart from this, they love to bark more, which is why they are said to be alarmed and alert every time but in that case, it would annoying for your neighbors. They do not shed much still they need good grooming. Lowchen’s are quite shy to face new people around them. So, make sure you socialize them to people you meet. They have a lifespan of 13 to 15 years and weigh around 9 to 18 pounds.

In India, it would cost you around Rs.3,00,000 to Rs.5,10,000.

lowchen breed
image courtesy


Then comes a guardian breed Rottweiler which serves as a police dog and also honors to be accepted in the military. Also, they are also known to be a popular family guardian and friends.

These breeds love to be around the family and people If left alone for a longer period of time, they may become destructive. They are highly intelligent and powerful dogs, they must be extensively socialized and trained right from their puppyhood itself.

rottweiler's puppy
image courtesy

They got a habit of bumping over someone when they meet new people around. So, make sure you care about this and get them to behave appropriately with the help of trainer or treats. As due to their height and weight it would not be easy for a small kid to withstand and will lead to injuries. Many Rottweiler snores and will continue to eat more until you feed them which will result in abnormal weight gaining. So, you must take care of his diet in an appropriate manner. Sometimes they become aggressive towards strange dogs, especially if they find someone of their own sex. But, under your leadership, they can be kept under control and can manage to enjoy other company peacefully.

The lifespan of Rottweilers are about 8 to 11 years and they weigh around 85 to 130 pounds. With genuine & pet qaulity it will cost you around Rs.18000 to 25000. But in showline, it will cost you around Rs 35000 to lakhs.



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