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Thursday, May 23, 2019
kumbh mela

Prayagraj, the city of Kumbh. Allahabad has been currently renamed as Prayagraj. This place is known well for its religious and cultural beliefs and fests. Currently, you will find this place all over in regenerative and constructive condition. Must be wondering about what’s the reasons for such a huge transformation of Prayagraj!?

It is all about the festive season of devotees and saints from all over the world. These preparations are arisen due to the most awaited fair which will be taking place on January 2019. Yes, you guess that right! “The Kumbh”.

It is known for its cultural spirituality, divinity, and magical experiences. Kumbh Mela is a faith of Hindu pilgrimage where they gather on this occasion to take a holy dip in the sacred river. It has been considered as a world largest peaceful gathering which exceeds more than 100 million visitors during this period. It takes place after every  three years at four different places namely HARIDWAR, NASHIK, ALLAHABAD, and UJJAIN. It is held at these places at every 12th year. And Ardh Kumbh or Half Kumbh is celebrated at Haridwar and Allahabad only.

Now, I will list down some key points to visit Kumbh Mela!


It is the main attraction of the Prayagraj.The confluence of rivers namely Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati in Triveni Sangam. It is said that the river flows beneath the earth and meets the other two from their base. The point of the confluence of these rivers is the holy place where thousands from all across the world come down to offer their prayers and worship. The point of confluence is a sacred place for the Hindus and the place has witnessed thousands taking a dip in the Holy Rivers. A bath at the point of confluence of the rivers is regarded as one of the holy baths in one’s life and it is believed that a bath at this point helps in washing away all your sins.

2.Globally Recognized Fest

Due to the enormous record-breaking gathering and enthusiasm of the visitors and devotees, this fair has been proudly declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2017. Last, when it held in Haridwar and Nashik in 2013. It has a gathering of more than 100 million visitors. Not an only Hindu community of India gathers here but also the foreign tourists and saints and devotees also gather to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of this fest. Since then, it is believed that there are mysterious powers at these places, and therefore Kumbh Mela is held at these places. As we can say 12 days of the gods, 12 years of human beings are equal, so at these sacred places, every 12 years Kumbh Mela seems to be.

tourist and  kumbh
Global Gathering (image courtesy)

3.Ancient beliefs of The Kumbh

As per Hindu community beliefs and mythology, during the churning of the ocean Lord Vishnu dropped four drops of amrita (the drink of immortality) at four places on earth name are Haridwar, Prayag(Allahabad), Ujjain and Trimbak-Nashik, while transporting it in a Kumbha. These four places are considered as the present-day holy places of the Kumbh Mela. At every 3 years of interval, Kumbh Mela is organized at the bank of Holy Rivers of Hindus name are Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, and the Godavari.

4.Holy Dip

Kumbh is all about taking a dip in the sacred river, where people believe in the washing of their sins at this particular period. At new moon, is the time where many people wish to take the first bath, sadhus and nagas compete with each other to grab this opportunity first.Apart from this people offer prayings and perform varieties of rituals of the Hindu community. One can see and keep themselve engaged  and participate in these rituals.Many of them believe that lighting diyas and shipping them on the river will accomplish their wishes when their diyas keeps on floating above the river.

A holy dip at Kumbh Mela (image courtesy)

5.Living a moment of simplicity

As Kumbh holds great importance to the part of sadhus and nagas, one can see a huge amount of people living and opting up of a simple way of living in this occasion. Although they can opt for living in hotels and resorts hence it is the atmosphere of spirituality and divinity one can experience the mystical charm and peace in living the days in tents around the ghats and the banks of river Ganga.

Tent and accommodations (image courtesy)

So, at last, I want to convey only one phrase of UP Government “DISCOVER KUMBH, DISCOVER INDIA AND DISCOVER YOURSELF”.

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