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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Goals are of paramount importance in our lives whether they are financial goals, relationship goals or health goals. Without a goal, an individual is as directionless in life as stray animal-not knowing where to go, and what to do.

We may not give it much importance but everyone in their life are striving to achieve some kind of goals-whether its short-term or long-term. Short-term goals may not require much planning and but yes it requires the same level of dedication which you do for the long-term.

But in comparison to long-term goals, they are quicker and easier to achieve, whereas the long-term goals require a focused time slot, practice, and planning at every step to achieve that benchmark.

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In such cases, the more one focus on the end result, the far it seems to be.therefore its a good idea to break such goals to small parts so that I’ll come as a short goals-a process known as chunking.

“The  thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun.

In the  short run.It seems to me,though.

That the people who get things done.

Who lead,Who grow and Who make an impact.

Those people have goals.” 

In today’s world, there is a cut-throat competition amongst youth. There are fewer opportunities and more people who want to accomplish themselves as best in front of their target which may be similar for many others.many of them get stuck because of the lack of experience.

Especially in a country like India, there is a huge struggle in youth to get a perfect job but the problem which we lack behind is, that from childhood we never taught to be an opportunity giver rather society focuses more on being opportunity taker.

They always connect their goals with a word called job because their conditioning is done in that way.

I personally feel that if someone wants to achieve their goal whether it’s about success, health or any kind of goal one has to be a perfect believer without belief on self-being one can never achieve anything.

Here I would like to share an example … of self-believe!

I got compartment in my 9th mathematics it was very disheartening that in spite of practicing hard from starting I gotta face that situation but then. The time was less for me and I have to prepare a bunch of topics.

So I started studying like it’s my favorite subjects I gave proper time, practice and effort plus dedication for that examination thus the result was really unexpected.

I had scored well in mathematics and that mark was never earned by me in any of my examinations so you see how short-term goals work perfectly.

That’s the reason that splitting your goals into smaller, will make them more manageable projects and you will easily accomplish them one by one.

This was my story of little achievement by splitting the target into short. What’s yours?

Share your lessons with us.


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