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Thursday, May 23, 2019

India is one of the most densely populated countries with the humongous figure of 382 people per square kilometers and every one of these people are striving to earn a good living, especially the lower strata in our country is struggling for their 2-time meal.

But, for fulfilling their needs starting from basic to immense all that they require is an authorized paper with Gandhi ji’s portrait on it, you must have understood that what I mean by this. of course our Indian currency in simple words money. For this, Every individual in our country is struggling very hard to earn this money as a reward from which they can fulfill all their basic and essential needs.

As I mentioned the vast population growth I also want you to know about the demerit of this increasing population And the major issue which is raised by this is about ” The Unemployment”.  Many bachelors and graduates are struggling to get themselves hired by some government agencies or MNC and some people celebrate and the majority get eliminated.

It has been noticed from the past few years that there has been a positive growth in generating employment opportunities for every criterion in our country. These schemes are brought up by our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi which has set a new benchmark in the growth of the economy.

rush of people working (unemployment)

further, I would like to share some the schemes which helped in generating employment.These are as follows:-

1. Transformation of Aspirational Districts Programme

NITI Aayog declared “Transformation of Aspirational Districts” programme that aims to quickly remodel and uplift 101 backward districts in India in terms of basic amenities, infrastructure facilities, health facilities, standards of living, etc. the primary areas of focus during this programme are Health & Nutrition, Agriculture & Water Resources, Education, monetary Inclusion Development, and Basic Infrastructure which might facilitate the govt. to determine that district has performed higher underneath this programme.

2. Samagra Shiksha scheme

The Samagra Shiksha scheme was launched by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) on Commonwealth Day, 2018, in sight of up the standard of education at college level in India. it’s an overarching program which is able to incorporate digital technology and introduce talent development within the college education system. Associate in Nursing annual grant of 5 thousand to twenty thousand rupees are going to be provided for strengthening libraries in colleges underneath the program. The scheme unifies the weather of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA), and Teacher Education (TE) to treat college education holistically, from pre-school to category twelve levels.

3. Solar Charkha Mission

President Ram Nath Kovind launched solar Charkha Mission on June twenty seven, 2018, within which the govt. are going to be providing a grant of Rs. 550 crore to the thousands of artisans and generating employment within the rural areas. The Ministry of small little and Medium Enterprise (MSME) can cover the fifty known clusters across the country together with within the Northeast and in every cluster four hundred to 2,000 artisans are going to be employed. in conjunction with this mission , the govt. additionally launched a Sampark portal, a digital platform on that 5 hundred thousand job seekers will connect with the Ministry of small little and Medium Enterprise (MSME).


Launched on eighth Apr 2015.

MUDRA can offer credit up to Rs.10 lakh to small entrepreneurs & act as a regulator of Microfinance establishments. the target of the theme is to encourage entrepreneurs and little business units to expand their capabilities and to cut back financial obligation.

Schemes offered by gesture bank are:

Shishu-the starters-covers loan up to Rs.50,000
Kishor-the mid-stage finance seekers-covers loan higher than Rs.50,000 and up to Rs.5,00,000.
Tarun-growth seekers- covers loan higher than Rs.5,00,000 and up to Rs. 10,00,000


The Special business Initiative J&K ‘Udaan schemes to supply skills and enhance the employability of forty,000 youth over an amount of 5 years in key high growth sectors. The theme is being enforced by the National talent Development Council (NSDC) and also the company sector in PPP mode. Udaan conjointly aims to supply a platform that empowers women students and provides them with higher learning opportunities. The human resource development (HRD) ministry programme is intended to supply a comprehensive platform to worthy woman students meaning to pursue the educational activity in engineering and assist them in getting ready for the IIT-JEE whereas finding out in categories eleven and twelve.


Launched on first July 2015.

Digital India is keyed on three key areas –

  1. Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to each citizen
  2. Governance & Services on Demand
  3. Digital empowerment of citizens

Pillars of Digital India –

  1. Broadband Highways
  2. Universal Access to Phones
  3. Public web Access Programme
  4. e-Governance – Reforming government through Technology
  5. e-Kranti – Electronic delivery of services
  6. electronics producing – Target internet ZERO Imports
  7. IT for Jobs
  8. Early Harvest Programmes

7.Skill India

Launched by PM Narendra Modi on 15th July 2015.

Skill Asian nation focuses on making jobs for youth, the government has set to revamp the antediluvian industrial training centers which will skill over twenty lakh youth annually and build five hundred million jobs by 2020. The initiative was launched on the occasion of world youth skills day. Samsung recently signed a significant deal in providing active training to youths for employment and up the talents at an equivalent time.

8.MAKE IN India

The primary Objective of build in India initiative is :

To promote India a producing hub.
Economic transformation in India
To eliminate supererogatory law and regulation.
25 sectors are enclosed in build in India scheme. a number of sectors are vehicles, chemicals, IT, prescribed drugs, textiles, leather, business enterprise and hospitality, style producing, renewable energy, mining, and physical science.

In my opinion, the problem of state begins from that stage once a child chooses his/her field. This wicked downside may be stopped by creating them study in their alternative of fields.

let them grow and establish within the field wherever they will do all right and square measure snug with learning for any higher study. In future, this will build him/her more economical and a good one who can merely manage his job and can undoubtedly stand out in their life.


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