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Thursday, May 23, 2019


You enjoy the company of some carefully chosen other’s  and often crave alone are seldom bored because you have so many things going on in your head to occupy your attention.

You are highly self-critical and intolerant of personal mistakes you tend to take criticism as a personal affront.

you greatest is to be perfect in some way.You never slow down to relax Stress is a badge of honor attributed to hard work.

You find yourself inventing reasons(often catastrophic) for why someone is try to be several steps ahead of others planning.You tend to work out minor details in an attempt to avoid conflicts at all costs.

Drama and stress follow you wherever you go.You ,ay feel bored when there is nothing to stress about.

You have always been described as creative by others.You tend to turn inward to develop your creative gifts….


What is mental health?!

Mental health refers as the adjust of individual in an environment with a maximum level of effectiveness, satisfaction, happiness and socially considerate behaviour and the ability to face and accept the reality of life. The present research paper explored to study the level of mental health among adolescents.

Types of risks

Panic attacks due to social anxiety

This type of risk is found on people who prefer to be isolated and due to their solitariness they are unable to ask help from the other person when they are down or they are in crisis.


Introverts can be greatly benefited by consulting their worries and problems to a therapist.

Depression anxiety Burnout

This kind of disorder find in people who are expert in their profession but sometime their high expectation on some task leads to this anxiety mainly when the target is always unobtainable.


They must give themselves a proper hours of rest to relieve their stress. and they must try to adapt to adjust their expectations and relax more.

Anxiety panic attacks

This disorder are found in person who constantly living in an anxiety about the terrible things that might happen to them and this situation lead them to move on from their past pleasant experiences when all  was going good.


Cognitive behavioural therapy can help them to reduce their focus on catastrophic possibilities.

Bipolar order depression

Bipolar usually does not develop until late teens/early twenties whereas personality is formed much earlier in life.Bipolar disorder is a lifelong mental health condition. It causes severe mood shifts from highs  to lows (depression). These mood shifts interfere with a person’s quality of life and ability to carry out daily tasks.


Find balance in developing your gifts and maintaining or balancing your emotional stability will cure it.

Anxiety depression eating disorder, marital discord ,suicide

This type of disorders are mainly found in a person who is an overachiever not for himself but to show others and prove the perception right of others about them.This creates an anxiety disorder for that person which may not be noticeable to others.


Realise that you are your own worst critic.the affected people must learn to forgive others and also move on from their past mistakes and must set a realistic goals to achieve it easily.


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