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Thursday, May 23, 2019
the museum of the moon

Museum of the moon is a mindblowing art created by a multidisciplinary artist of UK artist Luke Jerram. This artwork is estimated at 7 meters in diameters. The NASA also featured this moon as the image of the lunar surface as 120 dpi. The internal spherical sculpture measure 5 kilometer of its surface which is about 1:5,00,000 of its circumference.

This piece of art is presented at the different place all over the world. This artwork has been touring almost at every place over all the world since 2016, 2017 and till present.

Over the marvelous journey of the beautiful “Museum of the moon,” it has been presented in many different ways say, both indoor and outdoor and every time in its display it collects the experiences and interpretation of all the viewers. Due to its exposure all over the world, the moon has been carried out by different musical composition, stories, and importance of the moon that is highlighting new moon science behind it.

moon artwork
Museum of the moon 


The moon has been seen in a cultured way at different places with a new belief and mythologies that are followed since ancient times also its always been admired for its beauty and beliefs. Over the decades and centuries, it has inspired many artists, poet, writers, scientist and musicians all around the world. And so Luke Jerram’idea was extraordinarily unique and brilliant while creating this masterpiece.

He says that the Museum of a moon will allow visitors to observe and contemplate cultural similarities and differences around the world, and consider the latest moon science. He further believes that the importance and similarities will shift according to the places where it has been displayed.


Still touring the world! Latest places where it’ll be displayed

  • Vivacity, Peterborough, UK, 5 – 14 October
  • Derriere le Hublot, France, 11 – 13 October
  • Lightpool Festival, Blackpool, UK, 18 – 28 October
  • Diwali, Leicester, UK, 25 October – 9 November
  • Essen Light Festival, Germany, 26 October – 4 November
  • Derry Halloween, UK, 26 October – 4 November
  • Let’s Gro, Holland, 31 October – 3 November
  • Light Night, Doncaster, UK, 16 – 25 November
  • Lumo Light Festival, Finland, 23 – 25 November
  • Scienceworks, Melbourne, Australia, 1 December 2018 – 28 April 2019
  • Napa Lighted Festival, California, USA, 12 – 20 January
  • Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, UK, 2 – 24 February
  • Life Science Centre, Newcastle, UK, 2 February – 31 March
  • The Collection Museum, Lincoln, UK, 2 March – 28 April
  • Joondalup Festival, Australia, 5 – 7 April

Exhibition at INDIA

The moon had also exhibited in India powered by the British Council in India, it was presented at the occasion when there was an event on the celebration of 70 years of British Council of India. It made its first appearance at the National Gallery for Modern Art, Bangalore, when there was time to coincide with the Lunar eclipse, which occurred on the 31st January.

After Bangalore, the artwork then moved to Mumbai, Udaipur, Kolkata and finally at the British Council offices in Delhi.


exhibition of the museum of the moon
Museum of the moon at Victoria Memorial, Kolkata


India’s vision towards the masterpiece

In India, the moon always played an essential part in the time of the festive and cultural seasons. It acts as a symbolic object to perform any ritual in Indian mythology. From any religion, any society everybody admires it Muslims celebrate their utmost vital festivals like Eid which means nothing without a crescent moon. Hindu celebrate Diwali, karwachauth and many others like this with great excitement and pleasure.

In Hinduism (India’s dominant religion), Chandra is the God of the moon and the father of Budha. He is believed to be the one who causes the plants and the crops to grow. While Amavasya, the night of the new moon is considered an auspicious time. Many significant events are observed in it, like Diwali, the festival of lights. People gather on rooftops, waiting to welcome the moon throughout the year.

In the folks and works of literature, the moon has been symbolized as a real friendship, loneliness, beauty, love and pleasing night.

THE BRITISH COUNCIL for the museum of moon

Response from the people

Jerram said that while interacting with people he felt a lot of excitement and amazement in the people. He came across many funny and lovable reaction from people around him like A man watching that moon with her girlfriend saying, “Let me take you to the moon and back” also he saw a 6-year-old small girl asking him whether he’ll put the moon back in the space afterward?

He said that there was a mood of enlightenment all across the event, everyone was enjoying the moon with all their heart. The art curator in Marseille, says that “The Museum of the Moon is much more than just a demonstration of technical and scientific prowess. It creates a personal connection with the nocturnal sky, heightening the experience of gazing at a “full moon” by generating a sense of nearness. The installation is extraordinary gentleness and inspires reflection, contemplation, celebration, and respect.”

You can read more at PRESS here: INDIA

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